Kristen Alpaugh, creator and founder of FLWR PSTL, is pushing boundaries in floral design to the highest level of art and fashion. After spending years in the corporate world, Kristen decided to pursue her lifelong passion in Santa Monica in 2017. Her work can been seen in Vogue and Architectural Digest.

Kristen’s work is focused on being present and experiencing impermanent beauty. She's bridging fine art and floristry by focusing on three main pillars: color, motion and structure. She draws inspiration from nature, architecture, music, and moments. The construction of her works are heavily influenced by 10 years of ballet study, combining risky angles and elegance. She enjoys the interplay between aesthetically pleasing shapes, color contrast and context with the goal of creating art that moves – literally and figuratively. Kristen wants her audience to feel something when experiencing her compositions.